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Silent Night by Sapphiresenthiss

I saw this picture and i was like COOL and than i made a sad face. Not that anything was horrid it just felt incomplete. And the one thing that i wanted to point out is that the twinkling lights near the ground are they fireflies? or r they stars bcuz if they are r stars then the picture look off. As if the ground fades away into space.
So the tip that would help u is make some silhouettes of tree in the background (this will help, i think, to make the pic complete) and make those fireflies(if they r bugs) brighter. I do see that u have this fog going on and if thats right the whole picture would have this misty complaction and then u might not have to add any silhouettes.

Wonderful dragon by the way,lol The scales on the beast, very good! mostly love how u place them on the top of the wing. :)
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